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Air Filtration Solutions to Minimize Infection Risks

Join Dr. Christof Asbach at WFI 2021. He will address Air Filtration Solutions to Minimize Infection Risks.

Dr. Asbach is currently the president of the aerosol research society for the German-speaking countries (Gesellschaft für Aerosolforschung, GAeF). In this position, he has coordinated the writing and publication of a well-received and cited GAeF-position paper on the role of aerosol particles in SARS-CoV-2 infection and has been frequently interviewed for various national and international TV- and radio stations on this topic. He has (co-) authored over 150 publications including approximately 100 peer-reviewed papers.

Various air filtration solutions are readily available to minimize infection risks, of which face masks, air purifiers, and HVAC systems are the most prominent. Each of the solutions has its own advantages and disadvantages. The presentation will introduce the various filtration solutions and discuss their pros and cons. Experimental data on the efficacy of the different measures will be provided and conclusions are drawn towards their effectiveness to lower infection risks (read more…)


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