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AFEC and WFI Sign MoU to Promote Filtration for Sustainable Healthy Living across Spain

Madrid Spain-based ASOCIACIÓN DE FABRICANTES DE EQUIPOS DE CLIMATIZACIÓN (AFEC) and Toronto, Canada-based Waterloo Filtration Institute (WFI) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to collaborate to increase awareness of the role of filtration in promoting sustainable healthy living across Spain, WFI said through a Press release.

Marta San Román, Director General, AFEC (left), and Dr. Iyad Al-Attar, Strategic Director of International Affairs, WFI (right), signed the MoU.

AFEC, the Spanish no-profit, no-loss association of HVAC equipment manufacturers, is continuously working on activities that contribute to the decarbonization of society since its inception in 1977. AFEC has become a relevant partner for manufacturers and companies in the Spanish HVAC sector and a benchmark for the Public Administration, other associations, legislators, institutions, and standardization and certification bodies, with whom we collaborate through our extensive network of technical and regulatory experts in our roadmap towards a decarbonized society and a sustainable, efficient and responsible industry. AFEC combines the knowledge, efforts, and resources of manufacturers of intelligent HVAC solutions, heat pumps, filtration, ventilation, regulation and control, etc., and integrates common values of sectors related to thermal installations, comfort, energy efficiency, and environmental health.

Dr. Iyad Al-Attar, WFI Strategic Director, stated, “Signing MOU with AFEC represents a pivotal step toward building up partnerships to serve the Spanish Industry and communities to raise the bar of air quality and take HVAC, filtration, and maintenance practices to the next level. Increasing awareness of the role of air filtration is paramount, and embracing realignments based on scientific premises are game-changers for the built environment and its human occupants.

Creating awareness, spreading knowledge, and promoting innovation that provides second-to-none air quality for the building envelope is the order of the day. Dr. Al-Attar stated, “ The climate of the Iberian Peninsula region has many challenges to face and commitments to meet to render the built environment and building envelope safe to occupy.” Dr. Al-Attar added: Our MOU with AFEC represents a promising training and knowledge platform. WFI is pleased to announce the launch of this collaboration by offering ten Scholarships for Spanish participants to undertake the Certified Filtration and Separation (CFSS) program through AFEC.

Marta San Román, AFEC Director General, stated, “This collaboration with WFI will enhance our work to raise awareness and disseminate knowledge about the critical importance of air filtration in HVAC equipment for our health and well-being. Being part of an international network of filtration experts is a unique opportunity to take a giant step forward in IAQ. We are also thankful to WFI for the scholarships, an excellent opportunity to attract talent to the Spanish HVAC industry and motivate professionals to pursue further education in filtration.”


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