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2022 Summer Programs

Air Filtration

WFI is excited to launch our new 2022 summer program for Certified Air Filtration & Separation Specialists (CAFSS) in response to the ever-growing demand for a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment. Led by more than 30 industry-leading experts, the program is ideal for professionals looking to advance their careers and students looking for new jobs in the clean air industry.

The program consists of 10 online courses taught by globally-leading experts from the field, accessible anytime and everywhere. Enjoy a limited-time 50% discount (over 95% for students) by Registering Now. Use code "CAFSS" for 50% off and "Students" for the student-only registration. Valid till July 15, 2022.

Liquid Filtration

The liquid program will begin with the Liquid Filtration course on June 21, 2022, by Dr. Wu Chen, Principal Research Scientist from Dow USA. It covers the fundamentals of liquid filtration as well as in-depth analyses of liquid filtration processes, applications, and some recent developments. The program is a great way for both graduate students and professionals to further their knowledge and careers in the field. For more info, click here.

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Peters (Director, Dr.-Ing. Peters Consulting Germany), Dr.-ing Nicolas PETILLON (CTO, IFTS, France), and Dr. Christine Sun (President, WFI, Canada) will join for Q$A and panel discussion.


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