Developed with University of Waterloo, WFIBER  software is a comprehensive, dedicated solution based on high definition image analysis.

Samples will first be characterized by images. Measure objects in images (lengths, areas, angles, volumes etc.).  A comprehensive image analysis algorithm was developed based on fiber individualization consisting of multi-steps to extract critical parameters for analysis. For more reliable statistical data, We take several images with different magnifications to determine and analyze fiber size distribution. All will be carried out using our own WFIBER software. The report will include size distributions, mean diameters, solidities and basis weights of the nano-fibrous filters at higher accuracy. The size to be reported can range from 10 nm to 100s micron meters. 

WFIBER online SaaS is scheduled to be released in Aug 2021.


  • Fiber Size Distribution Analysis from filter samples. Fliter samples to be sent to the testing lab directly. 


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